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Welcome to Four Seasons Real Estate Inc.

Four Seasons Real Estate Inc. of Potter County, Pennsylvania is your online resource for home buying, home selling, and property listings. Whether it's a house, land, camp, or any other type of property, let us assist you with all your real estate needs.

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When you choose us as your real estate company, you are putting one of the most important transactions of your lifetime in the hands of the true professionals. Whether you are looking for assistance with a sale, purchasing, financing, or relocation, our staff of professionals has the knowledge and tools to make the entire process smooth and stress free..


Mortgage Rates, analysis and mortgage-hunting tips news
Wed, Jul 30th 2014Differences Between Past and Current FOMC Statements
Wed, Jul 30th 2014MBS MID-DAY: Bond Markets Pummeled by GDP; Bracing for Aftershock from FOMC
Wed, Jul 30th 2014The Importance of FinCEN SARS; Fannie/Freddie Updates; Upcoming Events
Wed, Jul 30th 2014Slow, Mixed Week for Mortgage Applications
Wed, Jul 30th 2014MBS Day Ahead: Big Potential for Bond Markets, for Better or Worse
Tue, Jul 29th 2014MBS RECAP: Bonds Bounce Back From Mid-Day Swoon
Tue, Jul 29th 2014Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower; Volatility Ahead
Tue, Jul 29th 2014MBS MID-DAY: Bond Markets Back Near Unchanged Levels after Stronger Start
Tue, Jul 29th 2014Seasonally-Adjusted Home Prices Declined in May
Tue, Jul 29th 2014New Products; Regions Bank's Cuts; PHH, NationStar in the News; Radian/NAREB Partnership
Tue, Jul 29th 2014MBS Day Ahead: Last Day of Tame Data Before Things Get Serious
Mon, Jul 28th 2014MBS RECAP: Some Weakness and a Few Reprices, but Mostly Holding Ground
Mon, Jul 28th 2014Mortgage Rates Unchanged to Start Important Week
Mon, Jul 28th 2014CFPB Seeks to Modify HMDA Data Collection; Raises Privacy Concerns
Mon, Jul 28th 2014MBS MID-DAY: Hold Ground, Moderately Weaker, but Outperforming Treasuries
Mon, Jul 28th 2014Home Prices up Again in May Black Knight says
Mon, Jul 28th 2014Zillow to Acquire Trulia; both Companies to Maintain Course
Mon, Jul 28th 2014Pending Sales Down but Holding above “Normal” Mark
Mon, Jul 28th 2014RESPA-TILA Update; HMDA Changes in the Wind; FinCen SAR Stats; New IM System for Banks?
Mon, Jul 28th 2014MBS Day Ahead: Tons of Potential Volatility with GDP, Fed Announcement, and Jobs Report
Fri, Jul 25th 2014MBS RECAP: Bond Markets Hold on to Recent Gains Ahead of Big Week
Fri, Jul 25th 2014Mortgage Rates Catch a Break Heading Into Important Week
Fri, Jul 25th 2014Strong Reaction on Wall Street to So-So Home Builder Results
Fri, Jul 25th 2014MBS MID-DAY: Bond Markets Still at Altar Despite Yesterday's Cold Feet
Fri, Jul 25th 2014Big Changes at Ginnie; GSE Updates; Zillow Buying Trulia?

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