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Welcome to Four Seasons Real Estate Inc.

Four Seasons Real Estate Inc. of Potter County, Pennsylvania is your online resource for home buying, home selling, and property listings. Whether it's a house, land, camp, or any other type of property, let us assist you with all your real estate needs.

Choosing Us:

When you choose us as your real estate company, you are putting one of the most important transactions of your lifetime in the hands of the true professionals. Whether you are looking for assistance with a sale, purchasing, financing, or relocation, our staff of professionals has the knowledge and tools to make the entire process smooth and stress free..


Mortgage Rates, analysis and mortgage-hunting tips news
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Tue, Jan 27th 2015MBS RECAP: Bond Markets Consolidate Ahead of FOMC
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Tue, Jan 27th 20152014 New Home Sales 1.2 Percent Higher than 2013
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Tue, Jan 27th 2015Case-Shiller: Recovery has Barely Reached First Base
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Mon, Jan 26th 2015MBS RECAP: Lack of Data Today, Snowstorm Tomorrow Taking Toll on Participation

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